About Wendy

Wendy Petricoff,  Owner, Charlotte Parenting Solutions

I have the BEST job in the world!  I get to make parents lives easier by working hand in hand to develop a solid parenting plan.  When my first child was two, I discovered, while on a beach vacation with my sisters and parents, that I needed parenting help.  Yep. They didn’t hold back and told me that I needed some parenting skills. My little two-year old tyrant had complete control of my family.  I like to call myself a recovering ‘didn’t have a clue what to do parent’. That was where my journey began…and 15 years later I am extremely grateful because I have been able to parent my 15 & 17 year old children in a way that I feel really good about.

I have taken the time and studied up on all the best tools and techniques to help me raise two great kids and now I LOVE sharing all I’ve learned with you!  I want parents to feel confident, calm, connected and credible! I help you address misbehavior in a loving way so you can raise kids who are responsible and FUN to be around (mostly!).  I invite you to reach out to me and we’ll find the best way to work together, whether it’s private sessions or a workshop perfectly tailored to your families needs.

Contact Me! I’d love to hear from you! e-mail: wendypetricoff@gmail.com

phone: 704-905-8659

“Thank you! It’s working already! I cannot believe it!  This is the best thing that has happened to us and I can see it is already changing our lives. Thank you!”

– Lorie, parent

Wendy with Jim Fay, co-founder of the Love and Logic Institute

A graduate of Indiana University, Wendy received a B.A. in Communications and went on to work in the Marketing and Advertising field. She has complete Love and Logic training in Denver and Kansas City where she had the pleasure of enhancing her Love and Logic® teaching skills with Jim Fay, Dr. Foster Cline and Dr. Charles Fay.