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Here are the experts I have hand selected to support you and your family.

  • Wendy Petricoff of Charlotte Parenting Solutions, supports you with ways to build strong, healthy relationships while still setting limits with your children.
  • Laurie Martin of Simplicity, helps you focus on ways to simplify, declutter and make family life easier.
  • Dr. Brian Foreman, author of #socialmediaparent, provides support when it comes to tackling technology, especially with teenagers!
  • Angela Gallo-Wilkinson, RD, LDN, of Total Nutrition Technologies wants to help your family live a healthy lifestyle…and get kids to eat those veggies!
  • Dr. Sheila Kilbane, MD of Infinite Health is an integrative pediatrician who supports families by focusing on more than just medical issues with children.
  • Libby Rains, MSW, LCSW specializes in helping families find solutions to issues such as anxiety, depression and ADD/HD.
  • Sarah Olin, certified coach is passionate about supporting and coaching Moms to live their most luscious life!