Are you looking for a speaker? Here are a few of my favorite topics. I love making audiences laugh and learn at the same time. All speeches are one-hour in length and include time for Q&A. Please contact me for rates.

Taste of Love and Logic
This fun & engaging presentation will teach you a few new parenting skills that you can take home and put to use immediately. Skills like avoiding arguments with pint sized negotiators and learning how to keep your cool when Junior is pushing your buttons. The simple tools presented by Love and Logic® make it easy to raise kids without raising your blood pressure.

Taste of Love and Logic is perfect for a fun, funny & practical introductory session for your school, church, workplace, parents group, etc. Can be customized to teens/tweens, pre-school and elementary aged children. Presentation includes handouts.

I Skipped School 17 Times in One Semester and Look at Me NOW!
Just ‘cuz your kids aren’t perfect, doesn’t mean they won’t have a life. It’s true. Your kids probably won’t do what you want in your timeframe or on your terms. This is hard stuff for parents to stomach! All the other kids seem to be doing great and our child doesn’t quite seem to be up to snuff. Lessons, tools and total honesty to help you deal with your imperfect, unmotivated, not-reaching-their-potential kids.

Lessons from a Bonafide Parenting Flop.
How to get started making changes that matter.
I was a mess when I became a parent. I didn’t have a clue what to do! This true tale is based on the struggles we face as modern parents. You’ll be inspired to start to start making changes that matter. Like building a strong relationship with your kids, not out of fear but out of love.

Chaos or Harmony…what’s it gonna be? Is yelling your go-to form of discipline? Do you repeat yourself and your kids don’t even NOTICE? As the parent, YOU get to decide how to run your home.

I know that modern parenting is full of challenges. I want to inspire you to start making changes that matter. Like building strong relationships with your kids. Teaching your children what healthy behavior looks like and most importantly: learning to set limits in a loving way….a way that you feel good about! A way that can truly turn your home into the sanctuary it is meant to be.

So drop the screaming bit. Get over giving warnings and join us to learn how to bring peace and harmony into your home.

I Want More!
Ever sit back and wonder how your child got so demanding? Ever want to tell them that they are spoiled beyond repair? Parents deal with entitlement daily. In fact, it’s pretty pervasive in our society today. Learn how to teach kids about charity and dealing with entitlement at the same time. You’ll leave inspired to make some healthy changes in your children’s lives.

Corporate Workshops
Let me customize a workshop to meet your needs. Please contact Wendy at wendypetricoff@gmail.com.