How you can become a
Calm, Confident and Credible Parent

Changing your parenting style isn’t a big, one-time shift. Raising kids requires continuous focus. Through our work together, you’ve experienced growth, gained insights and practical tools.

But let’s be honest. You:

  • See your children grow and change, and your 10-year-old has decided to cop an attitude about, well, everything!
  • Practice what we learned together and soon forget it.
  • Slip back into your old patterns of yelling or doling out warnings.
  • Need support to master your skills.

I’ve guided you toward a new way to parent. It’s a style all your own, based on my 3 C’s: Becoming CALM, CONFIDENT and CREDIBLE as a parent.

I’ve created a program to SUPPORT you and hold you accountable as you continue to hone your new skills while creating more peace in your family.

Here’s how it works:

  • Twice a month, a small group (eight max) of smart, caring, and capable parents will call in for a huge dose of encouragement, insights, new strategies and support.
  • We’ll open each call with a short lesson from me, then I’ll call on each of you for your must-ask parenting questions.
  • You’ll receive my thoughts and expertise for your specific questions, plus you’ll receive so much insight and inspiration from all the bright, committed parents on the call.

But integrating these 3 C’s takes time and practice. You forget. You have questions. You want to be a great parent while still cooking dinner with a vegetable, driving carpool and dealing with the dog.

I’m here to help you realize your vision of being a Calm, Confident and Credible parent while making memories with your peaceful, happy kids.

When you commit to mastering the 3 Cs, you’ll:

  • Notice all members of your family will be less stressed
  • Crave more family time
  • Build lifelong, healthy relationships with your kids
  • Raise responsible kids without squashing their spirits
  • Feel incredible when you change your behavior andyour child’s misbehaviors

And the big one? You’ll feel good about yourself as a parent. Oh! And you’ll feel pretty normal since many of us face the same daily challenges.

Wendy is incredible! She listens and advises in a non-judgmental way that instantly puts you as ease.”
Heather, Mom of 3

I’ve created Dialed-In Parenting because it fits into your life, so you can join calls from work, the playground or home, keeping you accountable two times a month.

The program includes:

  • Two, one-hour group calls per month
  • A short lesson from me on each call
  • Laser focused coaching, with a segment specifically designated for you (you ask and I answer)
  • Small group format
  • Dial-in from anywhere
  • Private FB group where you can ask me any questions, any time, and you can also receive support from your peers in this group.

There’s only ONE course requirement: You’ve worked with me in the past, whether it was in a workshop, private sessions or something in-between.  

Let’s get this party started! You’ll stay on track, gain insight and confidence as a parent. You’ll feel encouraged and supported while continuing to master and develop your skills.

Your life, and your children’s lives, will be a whole lot easier.

Preschool/Early Childhood                     Teens & Tweens
Thursdays  11am-12pm                              Thursdays 1-2pm

Upcoming Dates
August 17 & 31                                              November 16 & 30
September 14 & 28                                      December  7 & 21
October  12 & 26

When Can You Join the Program?
This program is ongoing. To join, you’ll sign up for a 3 or 6 month subscription. You can always re-subscribe!

Here are some of my packages:
3 month subscription price: $285 paid in full
6 month subscription price: $550 paid in full or $95 per month

Let’s talk more about it, or hit the big register button if you’re ready.  

Wendy offered invaluable tools on how to better manage the emotional energy drain of two toddlers. Her techniques helped us avoid silly arguments and negotiations. Her advice helped my husband and me get on the same page.  This resulted in bringing us a lot closer together as a family. We can’t thank her enough!”
Mom of 2

Wendy’s group sessions are interactive and supportive, and the personal sessions have been just that – highly personal. The group sessions were applicable to my young children, while also providing us with tools and mindsets that will serve our family for years to come. Wendy gave us a specific plan and scripts for handling misbehavior and sticky situations.”-Julie, Mom of 3